An Overview of Tangiers

A bustling city with a unique location in Morocco, on the northern tip of Africa and a short drive from Europe, Tangiers is a melting pot of many cultures. Boasting many architectural marvels that reflect the interesting history of the city, Tangiers is a must-visit, where aromatic Moroccan food fills the air, beautiful people flock to the squares and a lovely main beach stretches along the coastline, revealing the Gibraltar skyline.

With many tourist attractions in Tangiers, visitors can get a feel of what the city was like in the past. These enchanting sites reflect the fascinating history of the city and its distinctive culture, even to this day.

The precious gems of Tangiers marrakesh-market-morocco_63429_600x450can be viewed at the Kasbah, an old palace-turned-museum that displays many interesting collections of antique items and art pieces. Other popular attractions include the Petit Socco, a popular square where people gather and relax at the lovely cafes, or the Grand Socco, where sultan Mohammed V made a famous speech referring to independence for Morocco.

Food connoisseurs will love eating at Tangiers, where you can enjoy signature Morocco dishes that have a kick of spiciness, a mouth-watering mix of flavors and healthy ingredients. If you don’t like sitting in a restaurant, do what the locals do and hang out in the most famous square, Place de Paris, one of the locals’ favorite hangouts.

Shoppers will not be disappointed with the scene in Tangiers. There are many bazaars and souks (markets) where you can find a variety of local products including leather, copper, cedar wood pots and other unique items that you won’t find elsewhere.

If you have a car in Tangiers, drive to the nearby towns for the ultimate excursions, indulge in the relaxing atmosphere and be fascinated by exquisite sites just outside the city. Worthwhile daytrips include a visit to Chefchaouen, a charming town with a medieval ambiance and a Spanish character; and a journey to the fishing village of Asilah, where you can hop on a donkey cart and explore the city and its beautiful beach.