Casablanca’s Top Attractions

Most of Casablanca’s attractions are scattered around the city and are not far from the center. The busy port, the Hassan II Mosque, which overlooks it, and the surrounding beaches attract many visitors. Other parts of the city such as the old Arab town, called the Old Medina, and a newer urban planning experiment called the New Medina, are also of interest.

Old Medinafes-medina

The area known as the Old Medina is situated in the center of Casablanca. This is the original Arab town, which is still partly enclosed by ancient walls. Here you’ll see a sector characterized by stone houses, whitewashed bricks and a maze of narrow passageways, filled with shops selling everything imaginable. At the lower end of Old Medina is an imposing 18th century fort, Borj Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, built to withstand Portuguese raids.

Casablanca Port

This port is one of the largest and busiest on the African continent. There are several deep water quays that are busy with cruise ships and oil tankers. Fishing is good at the port, and if you’re interested in shopping, Centre 2000 (a large shopping complex) is located here and well worth a visit.

Place Mohamed V

Place Mohamed V is located in the heart of Casablanca. Situated around this square are examples of truly splendid French colonial architecture, buildings which now house government and other public offices. In the center of the square is a fountain that shoots jets of multicolored water towards the sky. On the streets radiating off Place Mohamed V, you’ll find a number of the city’s luxury hotels and better restaurants.

The Marabout

The Marabout is reputed to have been the burial site for a number of holy men and is one of the significant religious sites in Morocco. The white-domed tombs are located outside the city on a small, rocky island that is only accessible at low tide. Many pilgrims visit, as it is believed to possess special, spiritual healing powers.