Casablanca’s Top Entertainment Options

Although nightlife in Casablanca tends to be a throw-back to the 1960s, with a mix of stripper bars thrown in, hotels here offer upscale and hassle-free options, particularly for women travelers. In addition, Morocco boasts all sorts of festivals and experiencing one of these occasions can be a memorcasablanca-jazz-brighton-8-optimisedable experience, with the singing, dancing, specially-prepared foods and market souks.

At the center of Casablanca, many clubs have a park-type theme atmosphere, with strippers added to the mix. There is more happening out at Aïn Diab, though none of these options are recommended for women tourists in search of a place for a hassle-free drink. Hotel bars provide a good option, however, if you want a drink in comfortable and non-aggressive surroundings.

In general, nightclubs open around 23:00 and close at about 03:00. The really trendy spots along the Corniche don’t even open until around midnight. Brick, at 41 boulevard de la Corniche, features rock, country, blues and jazz; and the Fandango, at rue de la Mer Egee, as well as Le Cafconce at 10 rue de la Mer Adriatique are pleasantly decorated places with soft lighting that is more in line with the atmosphere of the film that made Casablanca famous.

Live music is featured nightly at the clubs, both in the city center and along the Corniche, with a variety of music choices on offer from 1960s hits to contemporary jazz and country. The action usually starts relatively late, at around midnight. Some hotels and tourist venues offer traditional Moroccan shows with costumed entertainers; however, the music and theater scene in Casablanca is not particularly compelling, with the exception of Casablanca’s annual festival, held in July, when fans of music as well as live theater can have their fill during this eight-day, city-wide extravaganza of music, theater and dance performances.