Eating Out in Casablanca

You will find Casablanca’s best restaurants in the city center, near the Corniche and at Centre 2000, a huge shopping complex. The city has a reputation for having the best eateries in Morocco and if you are willing to pay at the fancier restaurants, you’ll find this to be true. The best seafood restaurants are located along the Corniche at Aïn Diab and around the bays beyond this area. Also, there are some stylish restaurants housed in French colonial buildings alonart-and-relics-moroccan-palace-putrajaya-malaysia-mohd-shamsuri-osman-mohd-shamsuribdpint-com_g the boulevards in the center of the city. If you’re on a budget, you’ll also find a range of meals and snacks at reasonable prices around the city.

Moroccan cuisine is characterized by sumptuous aromas, tastes and colors, and its use of rich spices. Couscous, a granular semolina, is the staple of the country, often cooked with chicken, eggs, lamb or stewed vegetables. Tajine is both popular and delicious, a rich and fragrant stew made of lamb and vegetables mixed with peppers and spices, and slowly cooked in olive oil in an earthenware pot with the same name. Djaja Mahamara is another very popular local dish, chicken stuffed with couscous, almonds and raisins. Sweet mint tea is served with meals, and is a perfect accompaniment to the local cuisine.

You’ll find good restaurants in three areas around Casablanca: in the city center, inside Centre 2000 (the shopping complex at the port) and around the Corniche/Aïn Diab area. There are also inexpensive eateries in the Old Medina. Hotel restaurants are a safe choice and in some cases, there will be good food on offer. Le Retro is a restaurant located at Centre 2000, which is often recommended, as is Ostrea, at the Port de Pêche.

Two of the hotel restaurants you might want to try are the Cafe M, at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca, which is located at Place des Nations Unies; and the Dafra Restaurant at the Sheraton Casablanca Hotel and Towers at 100 avenue des FAR.