What You Need to Know About Morocco

No matter where you travel in Morocco, you will see work in progress. There are big infrastructure projects going on that aim at improving roads and transportation network, signs announce associations of women, and various economic initiatives are trying to move the country away from poverty and censorship.

The country has been through a lot of changes and events recently but vibrant local organizations, the sense of humor of locals and the determination to succeed are building a modern society on a foundation of rich ancient history.

The people and the government of Morocco appreciate and welcome tourists and visitors. The government had a program called “Vision 2010” that planned to welcome 10 million visitors in the country by the year 2010. It was not able to reach this ambitious goal because of the recession in Europe, but the tourism did double by 2010 compared to 2002.

Low-cost European airlines serve more and more smaller Moroccan airports, which means that you will be able to travel easily within the country and between the country and Europe. In the beginning of 2000s, tourism has overtaken agriculture as the main source of profit for the country. Tourism services represent more than 50% of Morocco’s gross domestic product.

While this did bring changes to the country and the government is planning to expand the projects that bring more tourists, in a way a lot of things about Morocco have not changed because the country has been on the crossroads of different cultures for over 1000 years.

Airlines are also facing new waves of security issues, bot in the physical world and online, which leads new companies to spring up and help with those issue, click here to read more about that.

The United Nations estimated that every eight to ten tourists visiting an urban area in Morocco cause the creation of one new local job. In the rural areas, the same number of tourists leads to even more opportunities.