When to Visit Casablanca

Casablanca benefits from a mild climate throughout the year. Although it’s sometimes hot in the summer months, it never gets really cold during the winter, meaning the city does not undergo extreme weather. There is occasional rain in the wint130701643er months, with the rainy season stretching from November to March; however, most days remain dry.

Morocco is hot, but when compared with neighboring countries that are largely desert, its climate can be viewed as relatively temperate. In the summer, evenings are cool, and in the winter it can be surprisingly chilly. There is a rainy season that lasts from November to April, but even during this time, the amount of rainfall is not significant.

The months from October to April tend to have the best weather and are the most popular months with tourists, as the days are pleasantly warm and the nights refreshingly cool. Daytime temperatures normally rise to around 30°C and drop to approximately 15°C at night. Spring, which comes late by European standards (in April or May) is perhaps the best overall time to visit.

The orientation of the city is focused on Place Mohammed V, a large square in the center, and most of the better accommodation, restaurants and many of the city’s attractions are located on the avenues radiating from the square. Additionally, you’ll find good lodging choices along the Corniche and around the beach areas. There are budget-priced options scattered throughout the urban area and you’ll find that room rates are often negotiable. Some of the least expensive accommodation options are charming.

The main beach area is only 15 minutes from the centre. A budget-to-moderate option here is the 51-room Hotel de La Corniche. Built in Art Deco style, it’s an angular building, trimmed in marble and gold color. Nearby, on the ocean drive, is a slightly cheaper option called the Hotel Bellerive. This is another Art Deco gem, boasting 35 large, high-ceilinged rooms, 14 of which have sitting areas overlooking the sea. There’s a terrace cafe and good-sized swimming pool here also.